If you sucked cocks for a living, you would begin to achieve some semblance of dignity, as opposed to what you do now. You tased a Desert Storm veteran, in town and hopeful for his impending job interview, so that you could rifle through his cache of socks and underwear. You called this man, who was 50 miles outside of Baghdad when they called the cease-fire, a piece of shit. You tased him again and threatened to kill him. You left him lying there, disoriented and alone, wondering where he was or if he would make it to our son's first birthday this week. For what? Drug money? I don't envy anyone an addiction; life is hard and we do what we must to get by. But like I said before, shit-scum, why don't you victimize yourself in your selfishness and suck a few cocks to get that dough. You on your knees would make you stand taller than cowardly looming behind a fallen veteran and wielding your weak-ass stun gun.