Sweetie, that hotshot lawyer of yours showed up to court a half-hour late and COMPLETELY unprepared. The judge signed the protection order that I asked for, so now I have a whole year of you not being able to come within 500 feet of me! Honey, I loved you and I wanted to love you more, but you crossed the line when you lied to our friends and to the police about me. Now YOU'RE the one who's facing an assault charge, and this time it's no lie! I just hope your lawyer does a better job handling the criminal charge than he did trying to block the protection order, or the two days you spent in jail will seem like a vacation compared to what lies in your future. And even if you beat the charges, I'm finally free from your sorry ass and I didn't even have to wait for the lease to end! But for right now, you can walk your own dog, roll your own sushi, and go to the store for your own fucking wine, you shallow, lying, stupid, self-centered bitch!