About four years ago, when I was living in Olympia, I resided in a small apartment building known for housing the infamous Kurt Cobain in the early Nirvana years. One winter morning, at about 6:45, I went outside to warm up my truck. When I tried unlocking the driver's side door, I realized the lock was frozen. Hurrying to the passenger side door, I attempted to insert the key when I noticed an incredible bright light beside me. I did a double take, because standing there was a very familiar-looking young man with bleached blond, neck-length hair, wearing a flannel shirt and jeans. As soon as I realized this must be a ghost, he disappeared.

I've felt the presence of ghosts before, but had never seen one; so naturally I questioned my eyesight. But then, about a month later, when I was getting ready to move, I saw the same ghost. I was down on the street watching my ex and one of his buddies stuff my futon into the truck. Looking up, I saw the same ghost standing in front of my refrigerator in the apartment. He stood there about three seconds, and then just vanished. After witnessing him for a second time, I decided this ghost was pretty damn real. Why he still hung around my apartment is anyone's guess--but there was a five-gallon bucket of stale Red Hook brew my roommate brought home and never drank.