Today you were three feet away from killing or seriously injuring the person I love the most: my 8-month-old son. He saved me from a life doomed to drug addiction, depression, and loneliness. And because of your reckless driving, you nearly stole him away from me. I can't believe that you didn't even fucking look to see if there were pedestrians crossing when you made that left on 200th and Highway 99 in Lynnwood. When I got home, I held my son and cried all day. I don't think you saw us, but I saw you, and I know what you look like. If you did hit and kill my son in his stroller, I would have killed you right back, you stupid bitch. I hope that you read this—but if you don't, I hope that others learn from it. Please watch for strollers, people. Sometimes the person in that stroller is the only thing keeping the person pushing the stroller alive.