Dear Ex-Boyfriend,

Thank you so much for cheating on me with our coworker who is now my manager. When you and I went to Bite of Seattle, we were having such a great time—laughing, holding hands, saying "I love you." When we got home to our one-bedroom apartment, you asked me to grab your phone—and on the screen it was obvious you were phone-fucking our coworker. You were sending pics of your dick and asking if she wanted your "hard ginger cock inside of you." I love how your first reaction was to say you were just "flirting." Eventually you admitted that you were with her the night I stayed up until 5 a.m. worried what the fuck happened to you. You first convinced me that you spent the night at your parents', but you later admitted she was sucking your "hard ginger cock" all night.

Even though I moved out the day after the Bite, I had to go back to work the next day and sit in a cube 10 feet away from you fuckers. Yeah, we shouldn't have lived and worked together. I appreciate your apology and that you finally admitted you fucked up. It's shitty having to work with you both, but I dodged a "hard ginger" bullet!