Send legible confessions, apologies, and accusations of 400 words or less, changing the names of the innocent and guilty, to "I, Anonymous," c/o The Stranger, 1535 11th Ave., 3rd floor, Seattle WA 98122, or e-mail us at Egg and IHere's my big mistake: I naively entered a "donor egg program" several months ago, hoping to help an infertile couple and make a little cash along the way. After I completed the "surgical egg removal," I figured it would be my last hurdle, and I would soon be cashing my check. WRONG! The SER was only the beginning.

Despite the morphine they kept giving me, the surgery felt like having my fingernails yanked off one by one (imagine a needle through your testicles, boys). Four days after the SER, my boyfriend rushed me to the emergency room--dehydrated, wracked with pain, and bloated to the size of a pregnant woman in her eighth month! I spent 52 hours in the hospital, during which time they pumped a gallon of murky, brown-red fluid through a tube into my lower abdomen. Shortly prior to my release, the doctor told me nonchalantly, "You know, women have died from your condition." A condition directly caused by fertility drugs given to me by the Donor Egg Program.

The past three weeks have been frightening and horrific. I'm still confined to bed rest, and unable to work. Who knows what the long-term physical consequences might be given that my ovaries were swollen to 10 times their normal size. I never thought I'd be among the "one percent" who develop complications, but it happened to me, and babe, IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU.