This isn't a letter from a bitter ex, but rather a bright, flashing neon warning. I'm sure he's convinced you that he has a crazy, vindictive ex-wife who he was never actually married to. I'm sure you feel he's a complete victim of a brutal ex who took away his child. I suggest you look up the court records, starting with the sexual assault protection order. Note that he didn't go to prison because the audio recording of him raping my daughter wasn't admissible. Do you get that? The rape and brainwashing he had perpetrated on my daughter for many years was caught on tape. The only reason he is free is that despite the police hearing it, the prosecutors could do nothing legally. Do you know why I recorded audio? He was telling my children to lie to me, I felt crazy and confused, and I needed to know what was going on in my house. I had no idea, absolutely no idea. I called the police as soon as I heard just how much of a monster he really is.

My daughter wasn't the only victim. He took up-skirt photos of 5-year-old girls with impunity. He zoomed in on little girls in bathing suits rather than taking video of our kids on vacation. He was grooming my daughter's best friend. He destroyed my daughter's childhood, and he ruined my life. None of us will have justice. You, however, still have a chance. Even if you do not have children, make no mistake—you're a beard. He is a sociopath. You can have a Mensa-level IQ, and he can still ultimately convince you that up is down. This is a warning: RUN!