Dear runner in the dark: I am sincerely sorry that my boyfriend and I almost hit you this evening as we drove through Fremont. I saw just enough movement from your black-and-gray-clad form to shout "Runner! Runner!" in time to avoid a collision. Yes, you were nearly hit. And yes, you were angry about it. You thumped the top of our car as you jogged past as if to say, "Watch it, asshole."

Well, runner in the dark, you're lucky. I run along the Burke-Gilman, too, and I realized soon enough that unless you have reflective clothing or a flashing light, the cars along there simply can't see you in the dark. On a misty, rainy night, your chances are even worse.

It has nothing to do with the quality of the drivers. Don't be high and mighty about your right to the road. Be safe about it. Either choose to wear something bright and reflective, or choose to act as though you're completely invisible. Because you are.