God damn, it feels good to be done with you fucking small-time turdsacks. I ran your shit organization for months on less than minimum wage for what I thought was a good cause. I wasn't the best at what I did, but it was my first time running anything of that magnitude, and I kept it alive. But you pieces of shit took me for granted and then talked shit behind my back after I left because I was a "liberal." Your shit is so fucked, you can't even send me my fucking tax documents!!! Fuck you. I'm working harder than ever to realize my potential, and you're stuck being small peanuts. I feel bad for every dollar I helped you earn because—as I learned while working for you—you don't actually want the money to go toward helping others, you just want it to further your childish "radical" fantasies. More disgustingly, you say horrible things about the hundreds of hardworking people willing to fund your bullshit enterprise. I hope your organization collapses on itself so the money you're receiving finally goes to a worthy steward.