Okay, so I'm a pussy. I really am. I saw you steal money out of that wallet. I did. I should have punched you right in the mouth and returned the money to the rightful owner as soon as I saw it happen, but I did not. I saw a lone wallet on the ground when I walked by the heavily grinding couple in the hallway on my way to a good piss, and while I was washing my hands, I saw you, girl, pick up that wallet. I thought you were looking for an ID, but you really just jacked all of the big bills in that other girl's wallet. You left the ones but took the big bills. I approached you and asked how much you scored from the wallet. I really wanted you to throw up on yourself from the embarrassment of stealing from innocent people, but as it turns out, you're just a fucking bitch. Spend the money on scratch tickets and lose, you piece of shit.