Thank you for permanently liberating my sister from your self-serving, deceitful stupid self. You picked a therapist, and you both went to him for counsel to save your marriage and work on issues of trust. And he concluded:

She kept you in a prison.

You can blame her for your infidelity.

You should move back into the house now—against her wishes—straight from your lover's house, who will now become your "friend."

This is after a 45-minute meeting with the two of you? Where did he get his degree—Barnum & Bailey Circus? You keep seeing this guy. He's doing a world of good for you.

You are a misogynist turd, and I am delighted that you have finally delivered the message allowing her to walk away from you. Your marriage is over. You thought it was a good idea to declare that your heart is too big to love just one woman? Your wife will have to share you with another—or several others, so it seems. Think again, dickhead. Lying to your wife for three years and bringing home the stink of the other woman is loving no one.