I'm a donation chute that has gained consciousness, and I've got a confession to make: I don't support a nonprofit or a local thrift store at all, even though I often use the word "donation." All this time, I've been taking your clothing and immediately shipping it overseas, only to positively impact my pocketbook. I won't even supply you with a tax receipt, because guess what—you're not actually supporting a business that is a legitimate nonprofit or that makes a difference locally. How do you avoid me? It's simple: Either donate in person at a local establishment, or make sure that you recognize a donation chute as belonging to an organization that's an actual nonprofit. Chances are if you are putting a "donation" into a chute like me, with a name you've never heard of, it's a for-profit company. I usually hang out at gas stations (because, you know, most things reputable go down in gas-station parking lots). So now you know.