Dear members of society who cross picket lines: Go fuck yourselves. No, really. Particularly the banker-looking asshat who, after hearing why workers at this establishment were justified in their struggle, argued that he needed to cross the picket line because "Where else could [he] get so much [product] for [such a low price]?" Plenty of places. It's not as if downtown Seattle is a ghost town devoid of anywhere else to spend your money. When you tell the workers who make your life as convenient as it is by providing you with basically any good or service at an affordable rate (when they themselves make such low wages that they have to rely on taxpayer-funded assistance) that you can't be temporarily inconvenienced by having to choose a different establishment in which to spend your money for one fucking day, you uphold a system of inequality and allow for the minority with wealth and power to exploit the rest of us. And don't fucking dare turn around after patronizing the establishment and tell me that you "Hope [we] win the fight." Because we won't win as long as wasted pieces of shit such as yourself defend the owners over the workers.