To the young lady in the Starbucks men's room: I would like to apologize if I caused you to feel uncomfortable, disgusted, and/or whatever else you may have felt when I found you washing your hands. After my initial shock of wondering how I had just wandered into the women's restroom, you kindly said, "You're all good," assuring me that I was indeed in the men's room. I thought nothing of just walking toward the sink to put cold tap water into my coffee to cool it down. I was high on mushrooms, and since I wasn't there to unload a #1 or #2, I thought I was still "all good."I failed to take into account that even though I'm one of the good guys, I probably do look pretty devious, and walking in there with you by yourself and letting the door close behind me was not "all good" but was pretty rude and insensitive. It didn't even dawn on me until I was on my way home to eat my watermelon and pistachios. I don't remember what you look like, so I'll never be able to apologize in person. I just don't want to be seen by you as "That Creep from the Men's Room." I don't know if what I did was unforgivable, but rest assured that I do feel like an asshole.