To all the asses on the bus: What is wrong with you? You see me, you make eye contact, you see me standing up, you look down at my leg in a brace. Yet you sit there in the "priority seating area," which is designated for those who are disabled or elderly. I look back at you while I stand, yet still you sit on your ass. There is nothing wrong with you, yet you refuse to stand up. I ask for someone to move and get blank stares. I ask again, and finally, reluctantly, one of you stands up while the rest of you look away or give me a dirty look. What the fuck? If someone is in trouble and hurting, you can't help them out by doing something so simple as giving them your seat on the bus? The sad thing is that this is not the first time. This happens much too often, and not just to me, but to others who need seats more than you, all the damn time. Grow up—there are other people out there besides you. You are what is wrong with the world. You are nothing but an ugly waste of space.