Steven Weissman

You were behind me in line at Starbucks. You were a fortysomething guy with your young son in tow. When he told you he had to go to the bathroom, you said, "Why?!" That got my attention. He continued, pleading with you to take him to the bathroom, crying that he REALLY had to go. Again you dismissed him, telling him, "That's what your diaper is for!" Clearly distraught, your child was forced to go in his pants, old enough to know better, but given no other option. What's worse is that after he was made to go in his pants, you berated him for asking and told him that "bathroom time is only when we are at home," and that he needs to get used to using his diaper in public. What kind of parent does that to their child? What kind of message do you think that sends? I'm shocked that you would be so uncaring and unsupportive of your son's willingness to actually use the bathroom. Based on your blatant neglect, I would be willing to bet that this kid was probably potty trained by the mother, who would I'm sure be shitting a brick right now if she knew what kind of a lazy, dismissive, and abusive piece of shit you are. I bet you let that kid sit in his mess all day. You asshole. And all of this was because you needed your fucking extra hot soy latte and didn't want to lose your spot in line.