Steven Weissman

On 3/5/2014 at around 8 p.m. near Pike and Broadway, you shouted "Ni**er lover!" at the top of your pathetic lungs to the two young women I was walking behind. I was full of astonishment, rage, and disappointment—and I gave you a face that expressed just that. You saw my face and said, "Is white boy going to get angry? What's white boy going to do?" I decided to go join my friend for dinner, but now I wish I would have gone up to you and your two idiot cronies and told you to fuck off. Why would you spread that kind of intolerance and hatred? You weren't even some suspender-sporting skinhead; YOU WERE ETHNIC, YOU MORON! And the girls you abused weren't even with a black person! Of course I'm mad!! I may be a white boy, but I try to live my life free of sexuality, gender, and racial discrimination. As small as that moment was, as infinitesimal as you are because of your bigotry, you still set the world back 10 steps, when one step forward seems so fucking impossible already. So fuck you in half. I hope you get what you have coming to you. I hope your stupid mouth says another stupid sentence at the wrong person very soon and you learn a hard, hard lesson. And to the readers of this, have more balls than I did in that moment and stand up to these bullies who spread hate. Tell them they're wrong, tell them they will not be tolerated, and I promise, if there's a next time, I will do the same.