Steven Weissman

I gave you a ride and agreed to be your designated driver in my new car. As I was driving, I got a HUGE head rush and I could smell some vanilla stench. I discovered later you were smoking your e-cigarette back there. HOW RUDE! It is my very first new car, I do not smoke your filthy tobacco, and you are wrong: The output of that thing smells, and it makes my head spin. Just because you can't smell your e-cigarette, because you spent years ruining your olfactory senses by smoking the burning kind, doesn't mean it doesn't smell or pollute the air. When I mentioned it, you looked confused. So to all the other smarty-pants out there spewing your nicotine with those gross affected devices, be polite and ASK first. My new car is now permeated with that horrible vanilla stench. So stuff that where the sun don't shine!