We knew each other for three years and were always friendly and respectful. You flirted with me, said you needed some good sex, climbed into my bed. I cheered you up and gave you everything you wanted (except for helping you get drugs), but the one time you couldn't have me when you wanted, you sent a nasty ultimatum text message to either come over and have sex that night or "we're over"?!? You apologized, and I did yet another nice thing by taking you on a trip, only to have you get shitfaced, fall into a campfire, say I have a substance-abuse problem, then want to have sex. (FYI, I just pulled YOUR drunk ass out of a FIRE, YOU use drugs and drink at work and have a DUI, and falling into a fire is NOT SEXY.) The next day, when you finally figured out I didn't want you sexually, you shoved me, had an insecurity meltdown, acted like a 12-year-old (we're in our effing 30s), and silently pouted for the four-hour ride home. BUT YOU CROSSED THE FUCKING LINE BY INSULTING MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND (a single mom, ex–foster child, child-molestation/multiple-rape victim who worked and volunteered for women's rights groups, whom I CARED FOR AND LOVED DEARLY, but finally succumbed to depression and suicide). You suck as a human being even more than you do in bed. You come across as nice and bubbly, but I've seen your TRUE COLORS, YOU BAT-SHIT CRAZY, INSANELY RUDE, SELF-ABSORBED, UNGRATEFUL, BAR-SKANK BITCH!!!