To the two trans women I have recently witnessed topless in public: You can't have it both ways. I understand it has been very hot out. I understand you may be interested in breaking down gender barriers. But for those of us women who aren't able to take our shirts off in public, this translates to an enormous and unpleasant "fuck you." You clearly accept gender binaries more than you'd like to admit, or you wouldn't be so concerned with whether society perceives you as "man" or "woman." In any case, now that you've gone to all the trouble to procure yourself breasts, you're going to have to live with the unpleasant consequences. You're not a guy anymore; you can't walk around with your shirt off, no matter how hot it is outside. How unfair! Well, yeah. But just because you weren't born a woman doesn't mean you can now pick and choose which rules you have to follow, reverting back to good old "man rules" when it's convenient. Science has allowed you to indulge in all the awesome parts of womanhood, now accept the shitty parts, too.