Did the play interrupt your conversation? Dozens of people came to see actors perform free Shakespeare in the park, but instead we got to hear you. Why did you sit near the front? Your husband was asleep. Your kid was running in circles around your blanket, and you had a very important conversation to conduct with your friend over your wine and snacks. Your attempts to corral your obnoxious son (who was hell-bent on "smashing flowers") involved teaching him how to say "cheers" when he toasted and giving him high fives during the play. You then stood up in the middle of a climactic scene and loudly packed your picnic. You know what you missed? The part where the actors are applauded for their hard work and then accept donations to keep Shakespeare in the Park going. It's not too late to show some decency and respect. Just send the company $25 for each member of your group and $10 for each person you disturbed. I think they can do plenty with your $300.