I cannot fathom the level of cowardice and hate it takes to assault a woman walking to her car with a friend late at night on an empty street. The fact that you yelled "faggot" before you sent her to the hospital is all the more ironic given it is a term she used to self-identify to find rebellion and empowerment against pieces of shit like you. If there were a screen we could shake society through to sift out people with your destructive mind-set, I would enforce it in a heartbeat. Next time you get too drunk, I hope you mistakenly lurch for a band of bears, "get hit by a car," and get your brains spread on the pavement, and that the police are as callous to your predicament as they were to hers. I'll be the first one there in the morning, spreading your guts around the public domain as a friendly neighborhood reminder that people like you are far, far from safe and will eventually come to terms with their faulty bias, or meet their fate in a violent shuffle off this mortal coil. #bashback