I can ignore your nasty, smelly road-rage drivers with their cigarettes sticking out of their mouths and your subtle Christian fish sign proselytizing. I can look the other way when you get rid of explanations, notes drivers left on windshields about why they had to park where they did before you tow their cars away. I can even tolerate it when you tow cars from out of town parked near the DAR building on Harvard and Roy, because you know they're just in town for a wedding reception and will pay the fines.

But I put my "foot" down when you tow away cars close to the emergency rooms near Harborview and Swedish Hospitals. (Last week it was a car from Arizona with the license plate "CAMPER.") Imagine losing someone you love in an icky hospital in a strange town, only to find your car missing. Don't be surprised when you make it to the Pearly Gates to find the Devil waiting for you in his hot red tow truck, ready to hook you all up and bring you to one of his underground garages. I doubt all the dirty money you made will pay the fine.