Yes, I am not a very good skater, and yes, my son may have been in your way, but that was no reason to stomp my deck in half. A simple, "Move it jerk!" would have been fine. But no, you had to stomp on my board until it caved. I suppose you thought you were teaching me a lesson, but your infantile demonstration was more a lesson for my son, who now understands that being able to skate does not automatically make you cool. Can you blame him if he now thinks that all skaters are scary and violent assholes? After I calmed my horror-stricken child down and reassured him that we could replace the board, I came back to see if you were still around so you could explain to him why you did what you did. But you were gone. Maybe it was the Bumbershoot cops standing across the street. Maybe it was the dirty looks you were getting from your fellow skaters. I asked around after you had left, but no one there knew your name. However, EVERYONE there thought you were the hugest dick to ever skate the park. You told me not to come back, but I will be back, and my son will be back. Maybe you're the one who should think twice about showing your face there again.