To the citizens of Seattle: I apologize for puking all over town. I imagined pregnancy might bring a few bouts of morning sickness in the first trimester, but I thought it could be cured by a few crackers. Little did I know that "morning" sickness would strike at all times of day well into the second trimester and leave me staggering around town looking like a chubby drunkard. To the people standing on Pike yesterday afternoon: I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it to the curb before I puked at your feet. Ditto for all the people who walked down that street today when I'm sure the smell was only worse. To the old couple who watched me puke all over the bushes in the park: You looked so worried and it was nice of you to ask if I was okay. To my boyfriend: I'm sorry that I puke in your car at least once a week, and I especially apologize about the time it dripped into your parking brake and gearshift. And to the rest of the city: Be forewarned of what may come your way and please accept my apology in advance.