You fucked with the wrong chick. I found out about everything yesterday. You're passing me off like you did the two before me and in the exact same way. You've already lined yourself up another girl to fuck. Well guess what? I told her everything about you. How you cheated on me with a 17-year-old, then proceeded to date the little girl while dating me. You had to have an island girl AND a city girl? Sick. You have no shame. I actually loved you. You genuinely looked me in the eye every day we were together and told me the same. No wonder you can't see your son—you are an immature, irresponsible, selfish, and inconsiderate little boy. Today is almost our one-year anniversary. Instead of breaking up with me, you just started dating someone else. Three girlfriends? Nice try. You're so lucky you have your good looks or else everyone would see your ugliness from the outside. It's too bad we have to get hurt to see that the inside is so cruel.