Thanks for putting an end to my explorations in domination almost before they got started. You seem to think brutality equals dominating: IT DOESN'T—BRUTALITY IS JUST THAT, BRUTALITY. Doms use tenderness. Ever heard of it? Someday, some smart woman, a smarter woman than me, is going to bite down hard when you try that trick of choking her with your cock! You have made me fear fellatio—good job! And don't pull that innocent act regarding the unprotected intercourse that you KNEW I didn't want, that I TOLD YOU I DIDN'T WANT. "Moi, rape?" you said, then told me what I "should have done." What about what YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE, YOU SICKO? Yeah, I was "going with it" and I should have kicked your ass out of bed when you started spanking me and I realized you were turning the tables on me. That will teach me! Thank you, Master Asshole! I can only hope that you really are HIV negative.