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It wasn't so bad that the schmucks outside were yelling Chappelle clichés like "HWAT!" and "I'm Rick James, bitch!" I didn't even really care about the white kids dressed in clothes from Leroy with shades on and joints hanging out of their mouths. It kind of made me laugh. My real beef is with that goddamn woman in the back who stood the entire time and kept interrupting the show to yell out stupid shit such as, "WE LOVE YOU, BITCH!!! WOOOOO!!!" At first I was embarrassed for her, then I was embarrassed for all of us.

Seattle, we represented at that show like we live under a rock. The Chappelle quotes are played out. The yelling played us out. The lack of call-and-response with Mos Def played us out. The Kent and Everett representation played us out. The hot-boxed bathroom... well, that was kind of funny.

The show was good; the audience members, however, were a bunch of herbs. Seattle: Please step up your game soon!