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Yes, I am gay, and I am one of your teachers. You keep dropping hints, and I keep denying it. I wish the world was perfect and I could just scream at the top of my lungs that I am GAY. But your exceedingly blue-collar community would not be able to deal with that. I hate it when you try to ask me about my life outside of the classroom. You should be intelligent enough in high school to know that I cannot answer those questions. Maybe you should go home and ask your parents. I am confident that your ignorance on the topic traces back to them. But you do not have to think like your parents do. You can arrive at your own conclusions and become part of a modern sensibility: Let people be people and try to reserve judgment. I know it helps for you to believe that I am straight. I know I have lied about it, and I am sorry that I have done myself and you that disservice. Someday I will come out at work, and someday it will not be something that I will have to fear doing. I hope that you can put yourself in my place and imagine what it must feel like to have to live this way. It sucks.