I supported your ass for six years. I busted my ass working 10-hour shifts while you sat on yours playing video games and eating the food I provided for you. Without any thanks or appreciation. When it came time that you wanted or needed something, you would guilt me and make me feel like trash if I didn't buy you that goddamn hat or sweatshirt. Who collects hats and sweatshirts, anyway? Get a fucking job! Your response was "I'm working on it." You are 31 going to be 32 and you still don't drive! I had to drive you EVERYWHERE! You were so goddamn lazy you wanted me to drive you four blocks to work... FUCK OFF! Your response to "Why don't you learn how to drive?" was "I am working on getting my license." The only thing you were working on for six years was a fat fucking heifer who only came over to smoke the weed that I provided for you.

You date her for a year and now you two are engaged? I hope that FAT FUCKING COW likes the guilt and the burden that you put on people. She could use the workout of carrying you through life. She may be able to lose weight, but you can't fix her ugly face!

I hope your four dogs get hit by a car! recommended