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I met you at a meeting on Capitol Hill. You moved into town after being in prison. You asked me to be your sponsor. You got a job. I showed you how to pick up men in a safe way so I could help you come out of the closet. You refused to come out all the way. I saw you use others and find some excuse to not repay them. You preyed on the weak and vulnerable. You still had that jailhouse mentality. I ignored the continuous racist remarks slipping from your mouth. I justified it because of your "experiences" in jail. I ignored the misogyny because of your abusive mother. I ignored the not-so-internalized homophobia because of an abusive stepfather. All the while, you really just wanted me (or someone) to take care of you. Then when I got serious with someone else (he was Asian), you got really jealous. I tried to ignore the warning signs: the sideways comments, the thinly veiled threats. The last straw was when we invited you to dinner and you actually had the balls to squint your eyes at him and show your "buckteeth" in the most profane and racist way. I almost lost the love of my life that night because of you. I finally came to the realization that you were coming to meetings out of fear of your parole officer and you saw people whom you perceived to be weak and vulnerable. You took advantage of our good nature. You are what you fear the most: a punk-ass bitch. recommended