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I've never been with a married man before. Why? Because I believe it's wrong. But somehow you were able to turn me away from my values. Now that we're over, I want to congratulate you. Your quest to have yet another woman feel extremely ashamed of herself for ever getting involved with you was a success. Is that the real goal or just a side benefit? Either way, you helped me understand completely that to you, sex is a meaningless act with zero value. Thank you so much for that. You have such poor regard for the wonderful gift of sex, I can certainly understand why your wife doesn't want you to touch her. Being with you proved I can reach a new low. I feel ashamed and foolish for believing in a man like you. I feel ridiculous for thinking that you were genuinely interested in me in any real way. Your family would have been devastated if they found out. I helped you deceive them—and with my selfish, callous behavior, I could have potentially destroyed their lives. I am so disgusted with myself and with you. recommended

I have no right to sit and wonder why or how you could do this to me, when you are perfectly capable of doing it to your own family and your wife, the one you are supposed to love. God, what an empty black hole you must have inside you. Good luck trying to fill that void, you empty bastard.