I told her (and her family and friends) for months that we were splitting up. She cried about it at work; she was devastated. She tried so hard to change my mind. I can't imagine how humiliating and terrible it must have been, or what it would do to her heart and mind. When she "moved on," I acted like the biggest prick in the world—I was so mad to see her with someone else. She had been there as my wife, crying her guts out the whole time I was planning to leave her. She had already been grieving for months. How could I expect her to comfort me when I realized the folly of my ways? She could have done so many things to hurt me and to "get even," but she did not. I love her. I would love a second chance, but I really don't deserve it. If I truly care about her like I say I do, I have to let her go. I have to hope she finds happiness away from the scars I caused. I wish I had not given up so easily in the beginning, but I can't change anything about it anymore. I told her I was leaving her and then blamed her for the divorce when she moved on with her life. That wasn't fair of me. It's a shame I only realized that just now.