You know who you are, you miserable fuck. You live above a bar, yet you call the police to complain about people smoking near your window and then you come down to bitch at the staff WHILE YOU'RE SMOKING A CIGARETTE. Are you fucking kidding me? Words can't begin to describe this unbridled act of wanton douchebaggery. Your condo probably sucks; I bet you have really stupid furniture. Why would someone decide to pick on the one bar in the neighborhood that has been able to sustain a relatively douchebag-free clientele? Why not go sip a mango mojito at one of the asshole bars and smoke your evil hypocrite smokes without bothering anyone. You've probably fucked one of your cousins. Dante reserved the second-deepest circle of hell for hypocrites, but apparently that was a little too lenient. I hope I get to use your skull for an ashtray after you get what's coming to you. DO NOT FUCK WITH PIZZA, BITCH.