Okay, so now I know that you were checking out my moves when we met a few months ago and that I am your Eve, tempting you with a Washington apple. Where do we go from here? You are stuck in an unhappy marriage (only one year? ouch!) and would love to show me that you can last and last like the Energizer Bunny. I feel bad for you to have such a vapid little wife, but as intrigued and flattered as I am, I need someone I can be with full-time. A hookup here and there does wonders for the soul, but you and I have too many mutual friends and acquaintances to make this work. I am glad you say I am beautiful and have beautiful eyes and a nice round ass. I also think you are very attractive and I have nothing but the utmost admiration for your great culinary talents. I know we can learn a lot from each other and we are practically separated at birth. If you and I sat down to figure out how good we look together and how wonderful it would be, we would realize we make an über couple. My goodness, I miss the way you kiss, especially the first time you invited yourself to my place... so now what, mi amor?