I saw you collapse on the curb. As I pulled my car over to see if you were all right, I realized you were hunched over your beautiful little dog—a dog that had just been run over. The look of total loss in your eyes as I told you to get in my car was overwhelming. I knew the dog was dying before we'd gone a block, and I think you knew it, too. I just want to say that once you snapped out of your irrational terror, you showed more humanity in calming your scared dying animal than I'd seen from a stranger in a long time. You gave that terrified little animal a feeling of peace and love before it departed this world. The girlfriend (and I presume owner) you were so worried about emotionally scarring with the news of this horrible accident should feel the pride and satisfaction of how you connected with her pet in its waning moments of consciousness. I want to thank you for showing me in your little catastrophe a slice of pure, raw, unadulterated emotion from out of the blue. I shared a connection with you that isn't felt between two strangers very often. And I want to say you did a great job. Thank you. And I'm sorry for your loss. recommended