You've always been like a sister to me, so when you found out you were pregnant, I had no problem with having you stay with me until you could sort out your life. The father of your unborn baby wanted nothing to do with you or the baby; he commanded you to abort. So you were preparing to be a single mom. You picked out a beautiful name for your little girl that reflected your ethnicity. We were going to get you on your feet. I would be like an aunt for the new baby, and that sperm-giver would be the one missing out.

About a month before she was born, he said he wanted to be with you again. He said he wanted to be part of her life. Oh, but the name you picked for the baby was "stupid" and he wanted to name her something different. When you agreed, that was the first mistake. You carried her for nine months! He didn't even want her to be born! He has no say!

When you went to live with him, you said you wanted to be with him for the baby. He insults your belief system consistently. Says "his" daughter isn't to be raised to it. He consistently calls you stupid and ugly, and he considers your creativity with art, stories, and music to be hopeless fantasy with no purpose.

You said it's "for the baby." The baby is not going to do very well in this situation. You won't listen to me, and now—the biggest mistake of your life—you married him. No, I will not be your maid of honor, because if I see him, I'll kick him in the face. But I still care about you and love you like a sister, and you're still my best friend. So I'll be there for you soon, when you divorce. recommended

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