steven Weissman

I am engaged to my best friend. I haven't had a doubt about our love, friendship, sex life, common interests, life goals, shared dreams, or ambitions in all the years we've been together. And I still have no doubts.

I met you at work and introduced you to my fiancé and my circle of friends, and you were received with unexpected warmth. We have such easy conversations, and I really enjoy your friendship. Everyone loves you, and there's something budding between you and my closest friend. You're a good man and a good friend.

Now I look forward to seeing you all of the time. I see her every day, and it's only natural that you're always around. I rooted for the two of you happily, until it became apparent that it would be more than a hookup situation. Now I feel a tinge of jealousy when the two of you hang out alone. I know that if I were a single gal, you and I would be what you and her are.

Sometimes I wish things were different; I know we could be good together. But I hate myself for ever wishing I was with anyone other than my fiancé. He is absolutely the perfect man for me, but what if it's really you? recommended