You moved from your parents' house into ours, impregnating our roommate and infecting our happy home with your unique brand of abuse, Republicanism, and ranting hypocrisy. You live rent-free yet berate us nightly for flushing the toilet, watching TV, or taking off our shoes. You're a "recovering" alcoholic/drug addict who gets high first thing in the morning, drinks throughout the day, and seems to be back on the crack pipe. Get a clue. Crack and alcohol interfere with sleep. Anger kills. Assholes go to hell. It's no wonder you have no friends, or that your wife's friends/family rarely come around or invite you to anything, or that the legions wishing you harm grow exponentially by the day. Despite my many revenge fantasies, I truly feel sorry for you, and sorrier still for your wife and unborn child. There's no doubt you're going to hell. May Satan have mercy on your soul.