I have decided that when you made me paying your utility bills and credit-card debt a stipulation of marriage that you might be better off having your ex-girlfriend who loves to spend money on you and buy you expensive dinners help you instead. And where was my fucking ring? And then when I bring this up, you break up with me like you always do with a text message. And when I show up at your door demanding an in-person explanation as to why you are dumping the girl you've talked to every day for the past six months who you said you wanted to marry the very previous night why you are breaking up with her, you call the police? And I tell them, "I haven't done a thing wrong, this is a public place and I can do what I want regardless of my chicken-shit boyfriend who said he wants to marry me the night before who can't tell me to my face he wants to break up." And once they realize I'm not nuts, they start consoling me and saying how sorry they were and how I'm a very attractive woman and a nice person and they were sure I could find lots of other guys. And the one black cop was so sweet and adorable, like, "Oh, I know life is hard, these things are rough, but you'll be okay." And you get out of the car to tell me it's completely over and that you don't want to be in a relationship with me and never to call or text you again. And then the cops make me promise I wouldn't call you anymore. And I told them, why the hell would I do that? This man just called the cops on me. I'm so freaking mad, I don't know if I can ever look at this person again. Anyway, lots of luck in the future.