Okay, I get it. You don't like Mexicans. You don't like people who like Mexicans. You don't like California because you think it's full of Mexicans. So be it. Being a racist fuckwad is a pretty pathetic way to go through life, but hey, it's your right to be as big an asshole as you want to be.

But for fuck's sake, STOP POSTING YOUR RETARDED PHOTOSHOP BULLSHIT OVER THE BUS SCHEDULES. I don't want to read your pathetic screeds disguised as "humor"; I just want to know when my fucking bus is coming.

I don't really understand your thought process—did you think I'd never heard about the increasing Hispanic population, and you brought it to my attention by preventing me from knowing when I could reasonably expect to arrive home? Did you think that I was thinking, "Hmm... bus comes... oh, hey! I had no idea that Mexicans live here!"?

So, thanks, dick. Every time I see one of your stupid posters, I'm going to hire an illegal immigrant, just to piss you off.