I find it interesting that the "deal breakers" in your new personal ad are "total hypocrisy" and "poor communication skills." Those qualities in you were certainly deal breakers for me. You lied and cheated on me the entire 16 months we were together. You used our money to pay for your internet sex and escorts. You told me we were short on money because our account was broken into. You told me you were seeing a therapist every week. You told me what she looked like, what her analysis was, how hard it was. It was all a complete fabrication—she doesn't exist. While you can lie to me about anything, the phone bills, bank statements, and medical records don't lie. I hope you find peace living on your houseboat, watching our big TV, and drinking yourself to sleep, but, please, do the women of Seattle a favor and keep your compulsive lying and sex addiction to yourself. Keep paying for your sex and don't lure anyone else into your tangled web.