I'm generally a nice person and always try to encourage positive behavior and giving benefit of the doubt. That being said, GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. You're a liar, and the worst kind. You expect that you can give the same tired story over and over again and people are going to continue to buy your bullshit and believe you? You expect people to feel sorry for you? To do things for you? You are truly delusional. Maybe I should feel sorry for you based solely on that fact, but I don't. I know you want me to believe you, but I don't. If you do have cancer, I'll sure feel like a schmuck for feeling the way that I do. But remember that I believed you the first time you said it. Even pretended to feel sorry for you the second time. But... this? Three times in three years? Three different types of cancer? No chemo, no radiation, no surgery—just a few doctor's visits and miraculously you're cured? Shit. I can't even get my dermatologist to clear up my little acne problem. You know what happened to the little boy who cried wolf. I sure hope you never actually become sick, because I still won't believe you.