Do I look like a fucking moron? You're "allergic" to Toradol, your regular doctor is out of town for two weeks, and your chronic low-back pain is an "11" on a scale of 10. If only you had seen Spinal Tap, we could enjoy a laugh together on that one. Instead, you disgust me. I recognize your wife from numerous drug-seeking visits for her bullshit abdominal pain. And why the fuck did you bring your infant daughter with you? To instill some pity? You pathetic sack of shit. Meanwhile, I've got an elderly heart-attack patient in the next room who actually needs me. We all like to get high, motherfucker. Try some whiskey, pot, cocaine, whippits, even huff some gold paint, for Christ's fucking sake. Just quit wasting my time with your ridiculous, transparent scheme to score Percocet.