You've had your fun, Mr. Italian Stallion, and it's all over now! On countless occasions, you've reached your stupid hand into my chest and pulled my heart out. Then you proceeded to do the tango all over it with your fiancée. The whole time we saw each other, that long year and a half, you never told me you were with her, that you were going to marry her. You let me fall in love. You let me believe that I could have you. Then you took that away from me. Every relationship I had, EVERY SINGLE ONE--I cheated on them to be with you. I loved you. I LOVED YOU! I don't any more. All I feel now is HATE and RESENTMENT. I loathe you. I wish you would die. As a matter of fact, I'm GLAD to not be with you. You and all your damn medical problems, your damn inability to get a decent job and keep it, and how you will NEVER be successful. You made me cry. You made me miserable. Yet I still couldn't go on without you. Your touch, your voice, the way you made me feel. Such a shame you didn't realize what you were doing. Wait. You DID know what you were doing. You knew that someone would get hurt, and it wouldn't be you. If I ever meet your fiancée, I'm going to tell her everything. That means EVERYTHING. Even about the time in the phone booth on South Tacoma Way. You make me SICK. You are an ugly and disfigured person. Last but not least, I'd like to kick you in the nuts.