I love to touch your buns while you sleep. You think I'm your straight buddy, but I'm bi, bi, BI. You're so comfortable with me, you nap naked on the living room sofa nearly every day. How can you expect anyone to resist those perfect white mounds? I can't resist your creamy white skin... especially those buns!

Once, you woke up as I was about to touch you, and I pretended to be getting a book off the shelf above you. I really just wanted to touch that ass: so white, with a slight pink hue left by a piping-hot shower.

Maybe you really know I touch your butt, and you just aren't letting on. Maybe you LIKE it.

But I'm not sure I want you to LET me touch it. I love that I'm doing something FORBIDDEN and UNBEKNOWN to you. I love doing it while you're sleeping deeply.

So sleep well, my macho roomie... with a BEAUTIFUL ASS!