This is a call to artists. A call to say, "FUCK YOU." I have been involved in art communities all over this city. I have seen and heard much about the art and the artists who create it, and again, I have to say, "Fuck you." This is a very important time in the Seattle art communities, and you mediocre mentalities have your heads stuck up your ass. You like going to and from art shows and events? Well, get prepared, you obnoxious, stuck-up, pompous bastards. With the viaduct gone, West Seattle to Ballard will require an overnight bag. Capitol Hill to Fremont will now take as long as it takes oil paint to dry. The mayor calls for the artists to come, and nobody comes. The "Seattle Money" (downtown property owners, the only winners) puts out a call, and the city council chamber is filled with hardheaded fools in hard hats whose only concern is a paycheck. I am embarrassed to be an artist. At least some people will stand up for what they believe in, even if it is just the bucks to buy a big-screen TV. "Poor me" is all that comes from the self-centered can't-see-beyond-a-paintbrush art community. FUCK YOU!