Attention shoppers: I am writing to say I do not even remotely enjoy carrying your groceries when you come to my store. I only do it because it is a requirement of my job. I hate how you make a big deal about paper or plastic bags, and I hate how you get mad when I place apples on your bananas. Believe me, the apples aren't going to hurt your precious produce! I am especially angered when you're only carrying two bags (paper, of course) and you "need" help because you "hurt your back." How in the hell do you get your bags into your house if you can't put them in your SUV? Maybe if you set down your friggin' latté and pushed the cart yourself you could get rid of all that lard hanging off your gut. I mean, at least you

could give me a hand while I load your groceries instead of just sitting there while your car shoots exhaust all over me. I swear, one day I'm going to squish your Wonderbread if you don't start showing me some respect! I know I may sound insane/incorrigible (whichever), but I've had enough (especially with the paper-or-plastic crap!). I also know it will be a long time before I'm store manager, but when I am (hopefully), there are gonna be some changes! I mean really big changes!