Hey, whiny teachers! I'm sick of your "sickouts" over low pay. You're just a bunch of unemployable college grads, and if it wasn't for the taxpayers' willingness to farm you out to the public school system, the majority of you would be flipping hamburgers. So consider whatever you do get paid to be gravy.

And don't give me any of that "we public school teachers mold the next generation" bullshit. Any honest adult will admit that s/he uses about 10 percent (if that much) of what s/he learned in public school. The true lessons--that have a direct application to adult life--are learned in the workplace; a place you've never been, and in which you probably couldn't survive.

Didn't you learn, during all that time in college, that life isn't fair? That promotions are based on merit only half the time (if that often)? That there's little correlation between the mental or physical exertion of the worker and the pay s/he receives? That the law of supply and demand is a fact of life? Well, there's always a glut of clueless college graduates plaguing society, and you dumbfucks are members of that group. So get your asses back in the classroom, and start showing some gratitude for whatever you do get paid.