You blackhearted, asshole, biker-cop motherfucker. I just found out that my mother tried to commit suicide, and all I wanted to do was get home. Okay, so I turned onto a street that said "No Turns," but so fucking what? There was no oncoming traffic, and I endangered no one. But you pulled me over with your flashing red and blue, then sluffed your fat ass off your bike to bust me. I--still in tears--explained this was a family emergency. You, with your sunglasses and beer belly, cut me off with "Hey, if you are disobeying 'No Turn' signs, then you are the same type of guy who runs red lights and speeds all the time." Well, fuck you very much. In fact, I have been robbed at gun point and had my car broken into twice this year; where were you then? Probably sitting on your ass, snacking on pork rinds, waiting for the next decent, law abiding, taxpaying citizen to drive by with a turn signal out so you could pull them over to get your quota. You cowardly little bitch.